José Mota — Curriculum Vitae

Last update: November 2020

With a 12-year career in the software industry, I leverage teams and companies in both technical and business settings through leadership, communication and training, in order to achieve the best value faster and better.

Career & Experience

Software Engineer, Technical Specialist and Advisor, Award-winning Trainer

BOLD International, 2016–

Project Manager, Product Developer, User Experience Designer, Ruby and Javascript Developer

Underwriters Laboratories — 2016–Today

Educator and Video Content Creator

Envato (Tuts+) — 2012–2016

Interaction Designer, Frontend Developer

IUZ Technologies — 2010–2012

PHP Developer

Goweb — 2010

Frontend Developer, Designer

Weebiz — 2009

Education & Training

Most of my education and skill set has been attained from autonomous learning, experimentation and professional experience.

Degree in Computer Science Engineering

Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto — 2004–2009

Certified trainer by IEFP, I.P.

Twofold — Design Studio & Formação Unipessoal, #F668590/2018

Multiple UX certifications

Interaction Design Foundation — 2019

Conferences attended


Hard skills

Soft skills



José has been a key member of our team at Envato Tuts+ for several years. In the time that I’ve worked with him I’ve come to rely greatly on his comprehensive knowledge of the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails framework. José leads our coverage of the Ruby ecosystem, using his judgment and connections to the community to plan and produce relevant, cutting-edge content.
It has been a pleasure to work with José. I’ve found him to be diligent, conscientious, and reliable. His own competence has made my job much easier. His skill as a Ruby developer, moreover, continues to amaze me.

— Adam Brown, Content Producer at Tuts+

José is the colleague every company dreams of: very professional, high values of quality and excellence. Dedicated and entrepreneurial, he always seeks the best opportunities, readily showing initiative and value propositions that elevate his company’s status. José is not only a strong recommendation of mine, I consider him to be a “must have” to any innovative, daring company.

— Elsa Soares, Human Resources Specialist, former colleague

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