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Break through, with the support of others.

Engage with your peers, synergize towards outcomes.

How does group coaching work?

Multiple people with a common theme.

A group coaching engagement lays the foundation for group thinking. You’ll be sharing the space with fellow peers who want to partake on the experience and want to explore a common theme that you all are interested in.

Consistent schedule.

Same time every time for 90 minutes, every 2–4 weeks, for 6 sessions. A good interval and range to set your own wheels in motion and collect results in a sustainable fashion.

What are the benefits of group coaching?


Shared growth.

Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your goals. Create a powerful synergy that propels everyone forward. In this collaborative space, you’ll engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and gain diverse perspectives. Together, you’ll form a supportive community that fosters growth, accountability, and motivation. Imagine the exponential progress you can make when you harness the collective energy and wisdom of the group!


More affordable.

Gain access to a professional coach and a supportive community of individuals at a lower price compared to typical individual coaching. This makes it a highly affordable option, allowing you to get the support system you’re looking for at an early stage.

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What my clients say about group coaching:

My experience with the group coaching was above and beyond what I expected. The coaches kept the group moving forward.

A few times I fell into a pothole and started spinning my wheels on old “stories” I have been stuck on forever. The coaches gently pushed me out of the rut, and I was able to see a different version.

That alone was worth its weight in gold. I now am able to see when I begin spinning my wheels, and can pull myself out of the pothole. The coaching with a group was so powerful. Each participant acted as a mirror for me to see myself as I am or as I would like to be. Having other people in the sessions allowed me to see myself in others, whom am always gentler and more empathetic towards than myself. So I could be gentler with myself.

What I take away from this experience is many more friends, and a trust in myself that I did not have before.

— S.M.

So my overall experience on these 5 group coaching sessions was very encouraging and supportive in that I was able to participate and share openly with 5 other women who all seemed to have some of the same issues. Particularly with regards to what might hold each of us back, getting or staying stuck and ultimately that which blocks each of us from achieving our/my goals.

I gained some insight into what can keep me stuck and why; recognizing that I can break out of that all too familiar “comfort zone” and try something different, going to the unfamiliar territory I seem to fear.

And lastly, moving forward I can use the various tools and/or suggestions that were shared in these group sessions among the 5 other women, as well as what I learned for myself with the assistance of the coaches, including the use of mantras and affirmations to stay positive to make the wanted changes in my life and to achieve those goals. And having the awareness that I do have choices and I can let go of the old story and create a new story for myself for a happier and healthier life.

— V.P.

I am a professional woman in the business world with two adult children. I have experienced success in my life yet have been struggling lately to find the energy to get to the next level. I truly felt stuck and was not sure how to find the spark to get me where I want to go. I was presented with the opportunity to participate in a 5-week coaching session with a group of other women. I had never worked with a coach in my life and after this experience, I will never not work with a coach. Through this process, I was able to identify why I was stuck and the actions that I needed to take to get to the next level. The coaches and group provided me the support that I needed and the environment necessary to grow and remove the fear that was keeping me from advancing.

I have committed to additional one-on-one coaching and am so grateful that I have this resource available to me for the rest of my life. My fears will no longer be an obstacle to my dreams, and I have to thank Kiersten, Jose, Karen, Cathy and Elena! I now understand how essential coaching is in my life as I move forward to complete my goals and live the life that I deserve.

All things are possible in this world of abundance, and I have my coaches to thank for that!

— Beth

My overall experience with the coaching group was truly life changing. I can’t remember the last time I took time out for myself to make positive lasting improvements in my life. I joined the coaching group during a turbulent time in my life and was met with nothing but support, encouragement and tools to recognize and incorporate changes that needed to be made.

The format of the group was helpful in holding myself accountable to truly reflect on what might be hindering me from moving forward with my goals. All of the participants and coaches were eager to support each other. It was a very inclusive and uplifting experience that brought about emotions and revelations that were helpful in the healing process. I plan to sustain my new insights by utilizing the useful tools that were given to me in the group. I am grateful for the coaches and the participants who allowed me to self reflect and grow in a safe space.

— Natalie L.

Thank you for the inclusion in your transformation workshop! The timing of this experience could not have been better as I am in the midst of a transition period with evolving career and relationship status.

I have been on the journey of “recovery and discovery” for some time now. Your coaching was the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate myself.

It continues to amaze me that when I allow myself to be vulnerable and talk about my feelings, however uncomfortable, growth occurs.

Your team, as well as the other women in the group, was able to gently unlock and prompt responses from me that elicited a sense of release and freedom.

I suppose I have been holding on to old ideas and an operating system that no longer serves me. We spoke quite a bit about “unpacking” and “letting go” and I recognized that I hold on to things, people, circumstances out of fear. Plain and simple. I no longer want to have fear rule my decision making.

The awareness of this will help me act and react in healthier ways than I have in the past. The dedicated time spent with this team was extremely valuable to me.

Moving forward, It’s about focus, dedication, and mindful time spent identifying what I want and staying motivated and committed to re-writing my story. Change is not easy. Coaching will continue to provide accountability and affirmations that keep me on track. It is so easy to veer off course and choose “Me” last. I trusted in your process and it has built trust in myself to stretch and grow into a new version of me.

I am confident that as a result of personal coaching I will be able to make healthier decisions toward this new vision for me. It is so much easier than doing it alone!

Thank you all so very much.

— Kristen

The results of this coaching experience were eye opening! I feel that my heart and mind have been opened to emotions at a far deeper level than ever before. Key words that we identified and worked on opened awareness to how I react to certain things, and which ultimately have held me back from meeting and achieving my goals. Being open to suggestions from all the women on how to move forward, get out of fear and get into action was inspiring and I was able to identify actionable items after every meeting to support me in moving toward my goals. During my coaching experience I identified behaviors that have held me back my entire life; Getting rid of things that I was hanging on to for fear of not having enough illuminated my core belief of “scarcity” and lack. Having this core negative belief come out during my coaching process was powerful and inspiring. I now have a method in which to examine my beliefs and act in a positive direction. I received courage from the women and the coaches and was able to get rid of certain items that I had been hanging onto. It wasn’t easy but I followed through, and the feeling was ecstatic! Decluttering my head and home at the same time! I know that I am not alone in the many aspects of life that we talked about, and it was wonderful to see that we really all felt the same, but with different circumstances. Trusting myself, loving myself, being able to trust and make my decisions confidently, learning to stay true to ourselves, identifying how to develop accountability for my goals were all key takeaways from this experience.

Many ideas were shared, and we all have choices to make that suit our lifestyles. I feel lighter in my physical and mental being and I am now acutely aware of when I am going in a negative direction and can stop myself quickly. Learning to be vulnerable was difficult but rewarding. I want to be happy and free of fear. I want to be authentic, and I feel that this coaching experience has put me on the clear path as to how to do that. Looking at loving myself and not putting me last. I learned that I matter in this world. I want to be seen and heard! The coaches challenged all of us by asking questions and pushed us along to solutions generated by one of us at a time. Learning to love ourselves more and to trust that we have all the answers inside of us. We need to make time for ourselves.

I am committed to continuing my coaching relationship to develop more positive thinking and improvements in my everyday life. I look forward to living my best life ever!

— Fran G.