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Impactful product teams.

Good products teams are resourceful, perform well, and generate value to both the customer and the business. Inspiring leadership, empowered teams and a culture of growth transform cultures and results.

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75-90% of products fail* because:

They do not solve the right problem, ...

They do not solve the problem right, ...

Or they struggle to navigate the system.

* Source: Nacho Bassino — 70% of Product Initiatives Fail? Let’s See the Evidence

The VIC triangle combines all essential disciplines for high impact into a systematic, iterative approach.

VIC triangle Venn diagram


Vision and leadership

Product managers and executives

Strong visionaries are inspirational, supportive and confident on the outcomes they pursue. When you combine the right culture with the right techniques, you create a version of leadership that empowers everyone around you to pursue those outcomes.


Integration and performance

Team members and leaders

Performing integrators are driven, focused and aware of the environment around them. When you mix invaluable principles with the best practices, you become an unstoppable asset everyone trusts.


Cultivation and growth

Coaches, people managers and Scrum Masters

Impactful growth agents are supportive, affirming and challenging to the individuals they partner. The proper mindset of exploration and empowerment to those you cultivate, sustained by a truly transformative process is the key factor to success.

Good product teams understand and implement both principles and practices, founded in outcomes and simplicity.

Practices alone are uninformed. Principles alone are inconclusive.

Combined, they are profitable.

About José

José Mota is a product and leadership coach, consultant and trainer who supports professionals and organizations of all sizes building products better, through:

  • Cognitive skill development
  • Iterative and adaptive methodologies
  • Leadership development
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence development

José has started his coaching practice in 2022, after a 15-year career in the IT and software industry, contributing to companies like Envato, Devoteam, UL and BNP Paribas, recognized by his peers, students and leaders.

Prior to starting his own business, José has spent over 15 years in the software development industry, having worked as a software engineer, user experience designer, internal trainer, public speaker, mentor, team leader and product manager. Today, José is a Certified Executive Specialist Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification and member of the International Coaching Federation. He is also a certified Professional Scrum Product Owner, Professional Scrum Master and Business Analyst. José manages digital products at Devoteam, writes his own blog and hosts his podcast on cognitive skills and iterative and incremental methodologies. Also, he offers a wide range of services: from individual and team coaching to training and consulting.