José Mota

Product & Coaching


Helpful tools and techniques to help you.

This is a resource kit that can empower you to explore your ideas more effectively. They are meant to be practical and simple to use.


Agile assessment

When moving towards a more iterative, incremental, customer-focused mindset, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your current position and the steps it takes to advance. Part of the toolkit I carry is designed to facilitate this process, and it includes this Agile assessment. It enables to you and your team to determine your alignment with the principles that the Agile Manifesto promotes. This assessment gives you a snapshot of your current position in adopting an Agile mindset.



Mindmapping is a visual technique that mirrors the way our brains naturally work, making it a fantastic tool for enhancing creativity, improving memory, and boosting productivity. It’s like having a GPS for your thoughts, guiding you through the landscape of your mind, and helping you explore new pathways of thinking.


How often do you feel overwhelmed by your ideas, struggling to organize your thoughts, or losing track of your goals in the midst of chaos? How often do you find yourself staring at a blank screen or a messy pile of notes, unsure of how to get started on that essay, presentation, or project? There’s a powerful tool that can help you conquer these challenges, streamline your work, and unleash your full potential.


Case study in product management

Good product management is not just petting a backlog and it’s certainly not writing user stories exhaustively. This written piece shows the impact of leadership, vision, strategy and shared understanding to drive everyone towards customer-centric outcomes.

User story mapping

Building digital products is quite the challenge. Especially when you don’t understand what you’re trying to do and why. Leverage user story mapping to regain that understanding at a deeper level.